El Artesano Torta de Alicante 200g

  • Our Torta de Alicante is a traditional Spanish sweet, offering you a taste of Spain’s rich culinary heritage
  • Made with honey, sugar, egg whites, and a generous 60% of the finest quality almonds known as calidad suprema, our Torta de Alicante is crafted from the finest ingredients
  • Unlike the Turrón de Alicante which is hard and crunchy, our Torta de Alicante is softer due to the grounding of almonds and is sandwiched between two thin round wafers
  • Perfect for Christmas or any special occasion, our Torta de Alicante is a versatile treat that can be enjoyed anytime

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Indulge in the authentic taste of Spain with our Torta de Alicante. This traditional Spanish sweet, often found gracing Christmas tables across Spain, is a delightful treat for any occasion. Crafted with honey, sugar, egg whites, and almonds (60% of almond, which is known as calidad suprema), our Torta de Alicante offers a unique taste experience that sets it apart from its cousin, the Turrón de Alicante.

The brand El Artesano represents the essence of tradition and excellence in the making of turrón.

Ingredients: Toasted Almond (60%), sugar, glucose-fructose syrup, honey (11%), egg white and wafer (potato starch and sunflower

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