Les Cabanes Arbequina EVOO (250ml glass)

  • Mono-variety (100% Arbequina) single-estate oil, produced in Lleida
  • Fruity taste, with mature hints. Balanced in spiciness, sweetness and bitterness, and intense green colour.
  • Extra virgin olive oil of superior category, obtained directly from olives and only by mechanical procedures
  • Presentation: 250ml glass bottle

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Les Cabanes EVOO is a mono-variety (100% Arbequina) single-estate olive oil, produced in Lleida.

Intense green fruity profile, with ripe touches. In mouth it is quite balanced, with a clear spiciness, notable sweetness, evident bitterness and unignorable astringency.

Secondary plant aromas, with clear connotations of cut grass, with very clear sensations of garden plants like artichoke & tomato, with remarkable notes of green almond, fennel as well as a combination of almond, apple and green walnut, which give it a clear sweetness in mount, it all together makes an olive oil of enormous complexity and richness.

Presentation: 250ml glass bottle

Ingredients: Extra virgin arbequina olive oil. Superior category olive oil, obtained directly from olives and only through mechanical procedures. “Cold pressed extraction”.

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